Lunch time run

Going to try getting out at lunch time today. I’m not sure why I’m all over the place with my run times. The good thing is that at least I’m getting out there (Get Out There).

Hopefully once the shock of running again subsides I will have a more routine schedule.

Update – unfortunately it never happened. Hopefully I can make it up today.


Early Morning Run

Got up real early today to do my 30 minute run today.

I had no problem running30 minutes today. Still not reaching my goal in terms of kilometres (5k). Anyhow that will come soon I know. Looking forward to this Thursday early morning run


Sunday Long Run

Well it does look like DeeDee is going to make it out to the Y with me tonight.  Well it most likely best since she is still getting over a nasty chest and head cold.  I will try to do 6-8 K tonight.  If I stop blogging you will know that things did not go well.

Update is I made it back, slow but sure is my pace these days.


Run April 4th

Well ran about 5k today without stopping thank goodness. Time was around 35 minutes.

Really still trying to come to grips with everything going on. To heavy, no cardio, just to name a few. I’m really focusing on form so that once I start speeding up I won’t have issues.

One more short tempo out of my comfort zone run on friday and a longer run this weekend and I should be good to go. What is a long run at this point? 6 to or 8 km should be doable.


Training seminar

Attending training seminar today about running, what it takes to improve your speed. It all makes sense give the several events that I have taken part in.

I guess it I time again to start relearning what I have tried in past.

Short run today, tried the trails which where a little muddy.

I think I will start my base training 6-8 base training on the thread mill at the Y.

It has been some time since I posted to this blog

I forgot I had this blog, tribri and it has been some time since I’ve posted anything. I will be honest that the last few years I have not been very active doing triathlons. I kinda just settled on one of the three that I enjoyed the most and that was cycling. Working out has not been as frequent for the last year and a bit, almost non-existence. I’ve been focusing a lot more on work, yard work, time with the kids. I spent 2009 training for a cross northern ontario bike ride which was a great experience. I also took part in tour de Norfolk (160k and 100k) rides, Bad Lands of Southern Ontario 160k and Halton Hills ride 100k. 2010 was really not doing much at all if I recall. I think I did the occasional ride and regular gym workouts but nothing much more then that. In 2011 I got back into cycling some more from April – October which was great. I took part in some really fun rides, mountain biking and finished the season with a nasty hill climb event and 50 mile race along the escarpment.

Hopefully reviewing this blog will get me back into the swing of things. Maybe signup for a couple challenging events this years to see if I can still handle it.

Writing this in my blog should actually give me incentive to starting working out again. So here is my goal for this year triathlon season.

1. Compete in the 2013 Goderich 1k/43k/10k Triathlon and make it a weekend event with the family. The little town of Goderich really needs the help after be destroyed by a tornado over a year ago. I have not seen an official date yet but so hoping it has not been cancelled.

2. Run in the Michelob Ultra 10k Rock the Road August 18th. I’m not sure if there will be a conflict with the Goderich tri. If there is then hopefully I will be able to make up the 10k event taking part in the Springbank road races September 8th.

The training schedule starting in April will be intense but I really need to get out of the house at night rather then sitting around watching TV or working.

I will try to keep this blog updated with my progress. Now that I have wordpress for iOS there is no reason I can’t.




New Shoe’s

Today I tried out my new pair of New Balance Runners today since I’ve worn out my old pair.   All and all they felt petty good, hopefully they will last me until the spring.  

While I was shopping for running shoe’s I tried on a pair of new balance tri shoe’s.  These shoe’s are so light, like I have only sock’s on my feet.  They are definitately not a shoe to train in since they lack the support of a trainner.  It is recommended you only train with them once a week so that your feet are use to them.  

There are certainly a lot more shoe’s for tri out there once you start looking around and I found that Zoot makes a nice shoe.  Just when I throght that I spent everything I could on outfitting for a tri I find something else I have to get.

So I guess I’m going to need to save up my xmas money so I can get me one of those.

Final tri of the season

Well, today I did my final tri of the season at Lakeside which is near London Ontario.  This had to be the best swim/bike/run for me yet.  I wanted to be under 2 hours but I had to settle for 2:02 which is one of my best times to date.

I really tried hard on the bike, but I should have turned it up sooner know that I think if it.  The run was something else I should have went a little harder.  If I could have shaved of 4-5 minutes it would have moved me up 4-5 positions.   I ran that run at my half marathon pace, I guess coming off the bike makes it feel a lot different.

All that said it felt really good, I keep improving everyday and I know if I say focused, workout 3-5 times per week, count my calories I should be in fine shape for next season.  I look forward to next season with a new outlook.